You'll find the most frequently asked questions about our destination wedding planner here.

 Please feel free to reach out of you don't see the answer to your questions. 

Q. Will this planner help me if I am already working with a travel agent or wedding planner?

 A. Yes! This planner will help you better understand the roles and responsibilities of each vendor working on your wedding, give you a step-by-step vision of the process, and help you feel confident that your plans are moving in the right direction. 


Q. Can I use this planner for an LGBTQ+ destination wedding?

 A. Absolutely! We wrote this book for all couples. So no matter who you love, you will find our planner can help you plan the perfect event in a destination where you will feel comfortable and welcome! 


Q. We’ve been married for years and want to have a beach vow renewal. Will this planner work for us?

 A. Yes! The planning and logistics for a vow renewal are very similar to a destination wedding. This planner will make planning your vow renewal a breeze! 


Q. We’re thinking about having a destination wedding somewhere other than the Caribbean or Mexico. Can we still use this planner?

 A. Sure! Most of the advice in the book is for planning a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort. But the process is very similar if you’re getting married in Europe, Tahiti, etc.


Q. Do I really need to use a wedding planner and a travel agent?

 A. Time and time again we've heard from couples that tried to DIY their destination wedding with disastrous results!  An experienced travel professional really can alleviate stress and save you countless hours of work. Your travel consultant will handle all of the logistics-hotel, flights, etc.  The hotel's wedding coordinator will handle your ceremony and reception. Most travel agents don't plan weddings, and most wedding coordinators don't manage travel. So you really do need both!  


Q. What makes this book different that other destination wedding planner books?

A. Great question! The thing that sets this book apart is the same thing that makes our clients refer us to their friends-our communication plan. We frequently hear from couples who are working with other agents that they had to build their own wedding site, walk their guests through the booking process, chase their friends around for payments, and more. So we've created a communication plan that you can use to help eliminate stress for both you and your guests. While this book doesn't have the complete suite of tools our destination wedding clients receive, there is a QR code in the book that you can use to download a Trello board, guest list template, and more! 


Q. I have a suggestion that I think will make this planner even better! Where can I send it?

 A. We’d love to hear your feedback! Please send an email to


Q. Is there a Spanish language version available?

 A. If we see that there’s a demand for it, we’ll have it translated, printed, and available summer 2021. Please complete this form to vote for it!


Q. I’ve bought the book but am still feeling overwhelmed. How do I reach an agent?

 A. We’re happy to help! Just click here to schedule a free consultation.