Welcome To Bliss Honeymoons!  

We are travelers. While we've planned thousands of trips, and have won a ton of awards, we still get excited about seeing one of our clients jet off to Asia, trek across the Greek Islands, or walk down the aisle on a beautiful beach in the Caribbean. 

We’re a lot like you-busy people trying to squeeze in some meaningful, relaxing, personal time between working, chasing around kids, walking the dog, and all the other things grown-ups have to do. 

We believe in treating people like we want to be treated: with kindness, respect, and patience. 

We’ve planned countless destination weddings with amazing results. We know firsthand how difficult it can be to find a location everyone can agree on, understand the group contracts, and communicate with a wedding coordinator in another country. We can save you countless hours and, rather than feeling completely overwhelmed you’ll enjoy the planning process. 

Let’s plan the destination wedding your guests will be raving about for years to come. 

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